CF Interactions
One to one training

One to one training

FOR LEADERS AND HRD, French or foreign, working in multicultural environments in large groups, international organizations and medium sized companies.


Manage efficiently
the cultural diversity.


“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” Shakespeare.

Objective :

Identify your own cultural profile in order to aide integration of team behaviors by becoming aware of essential non visible cultural dimensions (the relation to time, to authority, to uncertainty…) and transform diversity into an asset.


Part 1 : Awareness of the cultural difference

  1. The notion of culture and the iceberg metaphor
  2. The contribution of anthropology and sociology to the submerged part of the iceberg
  3. The  stages in the exposure to a different culture

Part 2 : Reflection on one’s own culture and positioning on the non visible dimensions

  1. Communication modes
  2. Relation to time and space
  3. Relation to power
  4. Relation to groups
  5. Relation to uncertainty
  6. Relation tu rules
  7. Modes of thinking

Part 3 : Becoming receptive to differences and transformation of diversity into an asset

  1. Observe, decipher, accept to be surprised
  2. Put in perspective and identify avenues for development
  3. Profit from behaviors which are different and even opposite to one’s own

An  interactive personalized approach

  • Theoretic contribution
  • Questioning through concrete experiences
  • Elaboration  of an action plan