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Intercultural face to face coaching

Intercultural face to face coaching

For Directors, senior executives and managers, French or foreign, working in multicultural environments in large groups, international organizations and medium sized companies.




In  what specific situations ?

  • Clearly identified crisis situations in an intercultural relationship



  • Help the person reach, in a limited number of sessions, a concrete objective
  • Facilitate the individual to gain perspective on situations, to mobilize his own resources and deploy his potential to maximize performance and implement action 


Choice between intercultural coaching and intercultural training

  • Coaching through questioning and confrontation techniques allows a focus on the precise reasons of the difficulty: 

– The precise cultural difference which generates incomprehension.

– The reasons other than cultural, like personality or communication modes differences.

  • The training on cultural differences, one to one or workshops, transmits knowledge on the intercultural mechanisms which are important and can eventually precede the coaching