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Walk and coach

Walk and coach




 A walking professional coaching :

  • The walking coaching will allow the individual to gain perspective on his paradigm 
  • The walk facilitates impulse, a review of attitude, an awareness and an openness
  • Walking liberates words, reduces stress and stimulates creativity


In what specific situations?

  • Tensions 
    • Manage your stress
    • Improve your interpersonal communication
  • Life changes (first job, job changes or retirement)
    • Reflect on a new meaningful project coherent with your values


The added value of coaching

  • Help the coachee to reach, in a limited number of sessions, a concrete objective
  • Facilitate the individual to gain perspective on situations, to mobilize his own resources and deploy his potential to maximize performance and implement action

Coaching is different from

  • training which transmits knowledge
  • consultancy which positions itself as an expert who knows for the other person
  • therapy which has a vocation to heal the wounds of the past