CF Interactions



French and British

Born in Great Britain, of a British  mother,  brought up in an international environment.

Coach and facilitator

I work mainly in companies :

  • Intercultural facilitator
  1. One to one  trainings and workshops on the hidden dimensions of culture (relation  to time, to space, to power, to uncertainty…)
  2. Face to face intercultural coaching
  • Face to face coaching  for various problematics including stress management, improvement of interactions and career transitions

I hold a university degree in coaching  (Paris 8 University “Pratiques du Coaching”)

The training was  centered  on coaching techniques and also  focused on Cognitive and Behavioural  approaches, Systemic approaches and cultural differences.

I have also been trained in Transactional Analysis, Non violent Communication, Co-development and I am certified Enneagram , CTT (Cultural Transformation Tool) and TrustInside (Tool to measure trust and act on the development of trust)

I  followed a training in Mindfulness (MBSR- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction- 8 week programme) and three silent  retreats.

I completed three online courses: Inspirational Leadership (Case Western University) ,Science of Happiness (Berkeley University) and Becoming a resilent person (Washington University)

I have a passion for the development of men and women, the conduct of change and the improvement of communication

17 years  in merchant and commercial banking

Up to 2006 I worked first for Bank Indosuez  (International Department  and Private Banking) and for  CIC creating the bank’s  Private Banking activity in Auvergne and working in  one to one relationships with company owners during the selling phase of their companies.

I hold a masters degree in business from ESCP Europe (Paris Business school) and a degree in Wealth Management.

Code of ethics

Main commitments:

– Confidentiality : the content of the coaching sessions is confidential

– Respect of the client

– A supervision with a renowned professional